Adul Hafeez

Adul Hafeez Garden Shahinagar Drosh

Azam's Garden

Azam's Garden

Dr Irshads

Dr Irshads Garden

Hilal Ahmed

Hilal Ahmed Garden

Iqbal Uddin

Iqbal Uddin Garden

Jinnah Lal

Jinnah Lal Garden

Nagar Fort

Salahuddins Garden Nagar Fort

Ayun Fort

In 1925 HH Sir Shuja ul Mulk ventured to build a Fort at Balawosht, Ayun at an elevation of 1370m. It was a typical mud structured Fort with 5 feet wide walls having an outer courtyard for men connected with Ziz zag passages to the inner courtyard for the family. Prince Khush Ahmed ul Mulk was then settled in this Fort. There were then just two trees in the surrounding and water was very scarce.

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