Local Practice:

Shintiki (flax) is cultivated as a crop. Shintiki seeds contain oil. They are collected, ground and fried in a pan making an oily paste, locally called shintiki ghazaghazi, which is applied locally to kochai (boils). It is considered very effective in ripening boils and drawing out the puss. Shintiki ghazaghazi on its own or thickened with flour, is also used for toothache and applied directly to the aching tooth. Shintiki Sanabachi is also made by adding trup (salt) and flour, mixed up to make a Halwa-like food given for physical vigour especially to elder people.

Local Name Shintiki
Botanical Name Linum usitatissimum
Part used seeds
Locally used for Kochai (boils), toothache and physical vigour.