Jinnah Lal was born with a rose in his hand.. He thinks , talks, dreams and sleepwalks flowers. If it doesn’t grow in his garden he goes  footloose searching for it in the meadows and mountains of the Hindukush. He is passionate to do up ever ones  garden and says his inspiration has been Shahzada Khush Ahmed ul Mulk who  introduced many flowers to him and  Chitral.

 As you cross the bridge over Ayun stream a hundred yards ahead is Jinnah Lals garden right on the road open to all.  There will be someone to always welcome you in.


One looses track when he really  started taking interest in gardening but  around 1968 he started collecting plants. The garden has many roses that he has propagated himself mostly through cuttings. He has a good variety of climbers  Lilies, Geraniums, Peony  and a long list of annuals and perennial. You will find many varieties of flowers and all kind of rocks in his garden. Jinnah Lal is a treasure of information on flowers and a asset for Chitral Horticultural Society.


End April till mid may is full bloom in Jinnah garden but he can show you something in other months too.