Local Practice:

The fruits of shunjoor, locally called kitimi, are collected, cleaned and boiled in water for one hour. Once drained, their juice is extracted by crushing the kitimi through a muslin cloth. The juice is then stored in bottles for use against coughs, Zehch (dyspepsia), Qabzi (constipation) and as a blood purifier.

From the stem and branches of the plant, a gum is collected, called locally luchak. Luchak is ground to a powder which is used as a shampoo and hair tonic. For women, this is considered very effective for long, healthy and shiny hair. 

Local Name Shunjoor
Botanical Name Eleagnus angustifolium
Part used Fruit and gum
Locally used for Coughs,blood purifier, Zehch (dyspepsia), Qabzi (constipation) and as a hair tonic & shampoo