Around the flower stalk and ventral side of the leaves there is a powdery deposition which is carefully collected early in the morning. The plant is gently tapped and the powder collected in an empty rifle cartridge. This powder is then mixed with loho peru (zinc ash - obtained from pharmacies) and is applied to the eyes at night, before sleep, against purda (cataracts). The Punar powder, mixed with surma (antemony sulphide), is also used for various other eye irritations/diseases. Besides Punar powder, according to Tabib Sharat-ud Din Khan of Barumkagh, Kosht, the dried blood of a hunted wild pigeon, ground and mixed with surma (antemony sulphide) and applied to the eyes for better vision, even in old age.

Local Name Punar
Botanical Name Primula Sp
Part used Powder obtained from underside of leaves and flowers.
Locally used for Purda (pterygium) and other eye diseases.