Right at the end of Ayun  on the road to Birir is Dalgram village and Hilals Garden.  Though the garden is relatively new but Hilals information on  plants herbs and animals  runs a list taller than the deodar trees in his garden. Hillal  Metarjow is another asset of the  Chitral Horticulture Society. He has criss crossed the mountain of Chitral and Kashmir during his time with the wild life department. Now retired , he is finding time  for gardening. Hilal  has interest and good knowledge about the rare plants of Chitral  so we feel  his garden  has  the potential to grow. On the slopes and river edge he had planted conifers before he started his garden these have grown tall  giving it an alpine look. Inspite of having all the information  himself he is modest enough to take Jinnah Lal as his tutor. A combination like that can create a riot of colours  so watch out  for this one.

Hilal, to do justice we are not listing your flowers yet as we feel there is a lot more information that you can give us.

You can visit Hilal garden any time in all seasons, if you  miss out the bloom you will still take back colours  from the rich information you get. lecture on one.