If an incision is made vertically down the stems of mature plants a milky liquid exudes. Left for a day, the liquid thickens (called hing) and is collected. This is used against Kudakan (’child disease’) and is also effective against coughs, Damotahi (asthma) and in some localities it is used for toothache. The bitter tasting stems are also eaten raw for constipation and gastric problems. The dried roots of Rawe (Rawe mul) are ground and mixed with boiling barley (200gm to Zkg of barley) and is given to cows as a fodder to prepare them for mating. Rawe mul was for sale, at Rs 30 per Kg, from the trading Hakim in Buni.

Local Name Rawe
Botanical Name Ferula narthex
Part used Stems, leaves and roots.
Locally used for Damotahi (asthma), coughs, Kudakan (’child disease’), toothache, gastric problems and Qabzi (constipation) and to prepare cows for mating.