A thin paste is made from the dried or fresh kernels of Ghudoom and is applied externally to the lower part of abdomen to sooth ishkama chomique (abdominal pain), particularly in young children. Nuts are crushed and boiled in water or the powder of kernels is mixed with dough and given to the animals against buk chomique (bronchitis), coughing and pneumonia. One tea spoon full of kernel powder is mixed with buz (Fried flour in butter oil) and shoshp peslziru (Sweet flour obtained from germinating wheat grain) and is given to the patient of meh chomique (lumbago). Fresh or dried nuts are crushed and boiled in water and the decoction is given against diarrhea. Ghudoom is also given against istoro cheque (quick disease in horses, perhaps colic, in which an apparently healthy horse suddenly turns ill in a matter of minutes, shivers severely and there is a lot of perspiration). Powder of Ghudoom kernels mixed with dough and is given to horse. Usually 2 nuts for horses and one nut for bulls or cows and a single dose is prescribed. One nut costs Rs. 1 and Rs. 40-50 per kilogram from the local Hakim at Booni market.

Local Name Ghudoom
Botanical Name Aesculus indica
Part used Nut
Locally used for lshkama Chomique (abdominal pain), Buk Chomique (bronchitis), coughing, pneumonia, Meh Chomique (lumbago), Ishkama bik (diarrhoea) and Istoro Cheque(quick disease in horses, perhaps colic).