Hojoj seeds are collected dried and stored. The seeds are boiled in water with a little bit of salt and the decoction (locally called Hojojogh) is given to sooth Ishkama Chomique (abdominal pain), zehch (dyspepsia) and indigestion. Hojoj is commonly used as a flavoring agent and condiment in various food and dishes. It is available in local market @ Rs. 14O/ = per kilogram. If agricultural fields are left uncultivated then, with in a few years, the fields will convert into a "Hojojili" (Cumin/caraway field).

Local Name Hojoj
Botanical Name Bunium Persicum
Part used Seed
Locally used for Ishkama Chomique (abdominal pain), zehch(dyspepsia), indigestion, a flavoring agent and condiment.