Seeds are collected, cleaned, dried and ground into a powder. A thin paste is made from the powder by addition of a few drops of water. The paste is applied to the aching part of the body suffering from verenz. The paste is also used as a puru against sun burn and facial pimples. The powder is also used in Kali (Soup) and other dishes against Bukchomique (bronchitis), Khodur (diarrhoea), Khuni Peclzis (bloody stool) in children and to keep body warm during winter.

Local Name Khelikheli
Botanical Name Sisymbrium irio
Part used Seed
Locally used for Verenz (stabbing pain), Khodur (diarrhea), Khuni Pechis (bloody stool), Bukchomique (bronchitis) and as a puru.