As you pass by the pologround in Chitral Town take the first road on the right, A thousand yards ahead you hit a V junction,  here you turn right again and you are at Iqbals gate right above the Tablegi Markaz. Knock and someone or the other will welcome you in even if Iqbal is away.

Now Patwaris in Pakistan are busy doing whatever they do but our Patwari is an expert on gardening. Iqbal ud din travels much all in search for a new flower and what he has delightfully shares with all of us. This is one Patwari that we are proud off.   He started this hobby in 1992  and now has a variety of flowers  both annuals and perennials. He has been able to grow flowers that are not common to Chitral adding  more varieties every year. His garden is striking in colours and the lawn lush, one is always tempted to take of one shoes and feel the softness of the grass.

We are not yet listing  Iqbaluddins plants but will do so once all the photos and  data is gathered so do look out for this page again.

You can see flowers in his garden throughout the year but March April and May are the best times.

Contact    03369217123