Local Practice:

In early spring, the young leaves are collected, dried and pulverized and the powder is made. By addition of some chilly, black pepper powder and salt, a mixture is made which is locally called "Charalau" and eaten with bread. Sometimes, seeds are collected, cleaned and dried. The seeds are used as condiment during winter. In winter the roots are digout, cleaned and chopped into small pieces, dried and then stored in bottles. Tea is made from these chopped roots and given to a patient of Zehch (dyspesia/indigestion).

Historical Use:

A medicinal herb is well known for many pharmacological and toxicological properties, but very few are known yet about its allelopathic property. Hence, to investigate the allelopathy of M. sylvestris L., the aqu leaves are soaked in water and used as cooling medicine. Infusion of leaves is reported to have carminative and digestive properties. Juice of the leaves is applied on the skin to cure ringworm. Leaves are also used in diet as appetizer.

Local Name Bhen
Botanical Name Mentha sylvestris
Part used Leaves, seed and roots
Locally used for Zehch (dyspepsia) and indigestion, and as a condiment.